Safety and protection are two of the main attributes of our products in this sector. We develop upholstery and flooring for cars, trucks, tour buses and more, approved for use as original equipment.


Ask anyone in automotive upholstery about vinyl products and the immediate response will be AnsonFabrics. After all, the company has supplied the industry with proven OEM color matches and textures since 2006. Since the company’s inception, upholsterers have relied on AnsonFabrics as their easy supply connection for superior aftermarket vinyl that mirrors a host of original automotive interior options.

Public Transport

 This sector has very demanding needs in terms of durability and fire retardancy and our coated fabrics meet these requirements to give both manufacturers and users peace of mind.


Recreational Vehicles

We create high-performance coated fabrics to handle different climate conditions and high traffic areas. Our products ensure end users are comfortable no matter what the experience.